Top 2 Easiest Ways To Froth Milk At Home

2 of the EASIEST and CHEAPEST ways to froth milk at home for cappuccinos and lattes! .

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How to make beautiful, velvety-smooth frothed milk for lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolates and flat whites in your very own kitchen!

That’s without a steamer, espresso machine, electric frother or any other fancy appliance, machine, tool or gadget! It doesn’t get any simpler than this! .

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My 2 favourite coffee hacks has to be being able to make super delicious lattes and cappuccinos at home without any expensive machines or equipment.

There are plenty of simple and inexpensive ways to brew delicious coffee at home.

But the challenge is frothing your milk to a fine and rich microfoam that you can even pour latte art with.

That’s where my 2 hacks come in!

  1. The hot flask shaking method.
    Heat up your milk. Pour it into a hot water flask and give it a good shake. Then open it up and pour out your delicious frothed milk.
    Best part is, washing up is a snap! But the downside is that the foam is still rather stiff. It will be fine for cappuccinos but for lattes, you’d want a softer, smoother microfoam. That’s where method 2 comes in!
  2. The french press method.
    Put your hot milk into your french press. Then with the mesh filter submerged in the milk, move it up and down in a piston-like action. Once the milk stretches to twice the volume, it’s ready to pour. You can then transfer it to your latte art milk pitcher, and even do latte art!

Sure, the fussiest of coffee snobs may complain that it isn’t the same as what you get from a “proper” espresso machine. But a cafe-bought latte or cappuccino also costs 4–5 times more! Do I find a cafe coffee 4–5 times more enjoyable? Nah. I’d go the home-made route every time.

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