These are the best tools and resources for both teachers and students.

Listen to Audiobooks

An Audible subscription is the best $15 you can spend on a monthly basis. It's not only great listening practice but also an opportunity to learn, grow and improve. Knowledge is power. You have nothing to lose from listening or reading daily to become the best version of yourself.

Writing & Proofreading

Need help with your resume, essay, cover letter, or any other English writing task? Get help from experienced professionals for as little as just $5!

Online Lessons ($10 FREE)

italki is the best platform I know for having 1-to-1 online lessons with qualified and talented English teachers. Use this link to get up to $10 of FREE lesson credit after you make your first purchase.

Practice with Native Speakers (Promo Code: getfluent)

With Cambly, you can speak to Native-Level English Tutors for short 15-minute sessions, anywhere and anytime, directly from your smartphone.
Get 15 minutes FREE with Promo Code: getfluent


Grammar Notes & Worksheets (FREE)

Road To Grammar has all the grammar notes and practice worksheets you could ever need!
The best thing?


Online CEFR Level Assessment (FREE)

Assess your strengths and target areas for improvement.
Try to do an assessment at least once a month to track your progress.


The Easy Way To Build Sales Pages

No coding, no programing. Just simple drag and drop websites that look amazing! And most importantly, they get sales!

My Preferred Course Hosting Platform

Same price as Teachable or Thinkific but with WAY more powerful tools!

Virtual Shield

VirtualShield VPN

Easily access the best English learning resources on the internet, including YouTube!

My Email Service Provider

Finely dial in your email automations to send the right emails to the right people!

FAST & Affordable Website Hosting

Cloud hosting ensures that no matter where in the world your visitors are, they get the best possible loading speeds.

Other providers offer cloud hosting as a "premium product". Cloudways makes it affordable for everyone.

Simply The Best Domain Registrar

No sneaky bait and switch tactics.
No constant upsell spamming.
Simple interface.
Prompt and responsive customer support.

Online Fluency Coaching

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